Yoga ( staying true to embracing good habits )

I have held true to my commitment . So far I have been to five yoga classes. Three years ago I use to attend five classes a week and then I started weight lifting. last year I was somewhat stressed out and stopped working out. Now I sit here with some unwanted pounds. So now I have recommitted to going to yoga on Mondays just once a week and fill in the rest of the week with the treadmill and some weight resistance.

I have to admit I am extremely happy that my strength is building and I am close to the flexibility I had once gained. The first class back I found myself hanging out a bit to much in child’s pose. That’s okay my teacher smiles it is really about my own journey and where I accept what my body is giving to me today. Yesterday my body was saying you go girl and keep it up!

The studio is a warm community practice led by a very fit petite 60ish yogi. She puts us through a rigorous workout and a much needed mental cleansing . I am indeed sore today but it is a good sore because the stretching and releasing makes my body long and less compacted. As I sit here sipping a good cup of hot TAZO lemongrass and spearmint tea setting my intentions for a good day. I wish everyone a wonderful day and cheers to moving your life in a positive motion.


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