Sunny Daze

After the third rainy Monday in a row and the last one was truly a monsoon! Enough already I say. Well the weather Gods must have heard me because it has been a beautifully sunny week! There is something about those warm rays that that cause the slightest tickle at the corner of your mouth…. Yes I am smiling. My eyes are sparkling and my wardrobe has improved with this change in weather. 

Sometimes it really is the small things that I cherish. A beautiful day after much rain and in the Month that hints at even bleaker weather.

Photography credit: me

Location: Conover, NC




There is something about growing older that causes me to take a look back and pause about the choices I have made. This week has been hard (actually last week) since this is Sunday. My work partner left and went to a competitor …it is a great move for him but a lot of work for me to do and so that is Life… 

For some reason in spite of being in the profession of sales and never meeting a stranger when I get home I remain very antisocial. It takes so much emotional energy to engage. I have very little true friends. The ugly truth is the people I do encounter= ( No real vibe/so not my tribe).  I find boring . :/.   

 Maybe I am the culprit? Have I become lazy? Does work drain me instead of energize?  Well I do not have to solve or act on this today. This is my Sunday Reflections. 

Photography credit: me

Location: Lake Hickory 

Beauty Tools


Winged eyeliner and strong brows…..  Love them both. Why? Because they are game changers and update you …… I am still admittedly working on my brow game. Strong fuller brows are in. I find myself making over woman who have thin or really over drawn on brows. Say you do not have any brows left? Well now they have products like Benefits ( give me brow) that has fibers and a brush to create volume.  You can also watch you tube videos on how to perfect this trick….. What beauty tools make you feel updated?


Speed is my middle name… I talk fast, ( funny because I am southerner) walk, eat and think way to fast. It creates an anxiety atmosphere for sure. Sometimes that little voice whispers slow down. Well this week the voice said slow down and take some pictures at Rotary Park… This path was a reminder to me when my family was very young we would cycle this path But now the children are off making there way in Life and I need to slow down and inhale natures boundless beauty.


Room with a view

Capturing everyday beauty… Take time to appreciate the immediate aesthetics around you… This is the view from my dining room window.. I am always aware of the beauty surrounding me and I am happy that I possess a handy tool.. Aka the  

 iPhone.. To quickly capture the beauty my eyes behold… What everyday things do you capture? 

New Light Fixtures

I wish I had posted the before pic. So try to envision a flying saucer hovering over the table. Very contemporary. We have a huge River Rock fireplace that also competes in the space. I love the new fixture . Small changes offer big impact. Plus the window had dark wood blinds. I found these golden velvet curtains for a steal at ROSS! I plan on putting a champagne colored sheer in the middle of the curtains. 


Grooming/ Pedicures

I love finding the perfect polish for the changing of seasons. I am very open to everything when it comes to my toes. This shade is #OPI New Date at the Golden Gate.. It has the trademark color of a rich burnished orange. So Perfect for Fall Weather.. Ladies if you are wearing ooen toed shoes please please have well groomed feet..

inspiration for Nail Polish

Pink Sky

The poodle is aging rapidly and so is his bladder. So I diligently walk down stairs to let him out and I noticed the morning sky possessed a beautiful hue of warm pink. In my pajamas and bare feet and bed head  I run to the top of the driveway to capture a shot of that sky..