I love Fashion

I love oxblood pumps and I love scarfs! My latest obsession is plaid scarfs! And plaid with leopard print is divine! I will post some pics soon!



Okay with all the holiday festivities it is nice to have pieces that are versatile, comfortable and figure flattering . The black jumpsuit could become the LBD. Pictured below is one way I wore it with some glitz and glam.


Okay so currently I am obsessed with mixing prints and patterns. I love the look of leopard print with red plaid. It is So rich a combination and not to mention the awesome texture and dimension it adds to your outfit. Below are my leopard print pumps and my new scarf .


Also I have purchased an infinity plaid scarf that has just a simple red stripe in the patter it looks killer with my red jeans and leather jacket .

The other is my cashmink ( faux cashmere ) plaid scarf I have been wearing to much to even provide the real stats. So if you do not own a plaid scarf jump on the tartan bandwagon and provide an easy update to your winter wardrobe ,


Okay this is another example of mixing patterns. I’m wearing my striped navy v neck t shirt with my plaid pattern scarf. Both items were purchased at Stein Mart.



So what is fall and winter without great boots? This is my fashion spurge of 2014. I still have a quilted black leather high heel boot that has served me for nine years and that has been repaired and retapped to many times to count. I love wearing my new pair with leggings and skirts and by the way …..they are indeed very comfortable . What have been your fashion splurges ?


3 thoughts on “I love Fashion”

  1. great style


  2. Enjoyed your style. Sadly, thanks to a broken ankle a long while back, I can only wear flat shoes but I do enjoy perving at high heels!

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