Swooning over these @rosesforever velvet box bouquet!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Great News they are having a 60 percent off their website sale for Valentines Day!

And you can use code Joy25 for an additional $25.00 dollars off!


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Highlights of the Brand:

• Rose Forever is a company based in New York, born in 2019, making luxurious rose boxes of 100% natural fresh roses, including roses from Ecuador (known for being one of the best quality in the world) that last over a year

• They only use natural oils to preserve the roses, nothing chemical

• The bouquets are hand-crafted by professional rose artisans

• Their roses come in round, square, and even heart-shaped boxes, in many sizes (from 9 to 49 roses per box). The crystal boxes also have a drawer for keeping jewelry in

• All rose boxes covered in the material are of vegan suede and velvet, and the flowers are allergen-free

• They deliver worldwide