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Joyousstylings IG experience and collaboration with Polished by Kabo Moua . ( A Beauty Boutique in Hickory NC )

I was almost 2 months in to building my fashion Instagram account when  Kabo sent me the sweetest DM about how much she was enjoying my IG feed and content. ( How wonderful right? )

I was also enjoying her feed about specialized facials and brow and lash tinting as well as waxing and lash extensions.

So fast forward to the middle of January .  She sends me a-message about a possible collaboration! Of course I was thrilled !  My very first collaboration and I really want to do this wonderful experience justice.

Polished by Kabo is located in the Harris Arcade in downtown Hickory.

First and foremost if you have not been to the historical Harris Arcade you are missing out. It is Located across the street from the  Carolina theater.  Once you enter the Harris Arcade you will see a wonderful historical alley that is paved with cobblestones and flanked with wonderful boutiques from local owners that offer a variety of goods. Kabo’s  beauty boutique is upstairs and as you climb the stairs your ears are wonderfully assaulted by the sound of running water from an open waterfall surrounded by tropical plants and it is very serenely airy and exposed

She actually has two suites on the top floor. The first suite is where the waxing and brow and lash tinting are performed as well as lash extensions. Kabo’s suite contains her beautiful office and space where she performs her specialized facials .

Both spaces have a wonderful historical vibe that boasts Beautiful doors and high ceilings and old windows. I absolutely loved that because it felt like I had entered a different world that was so warm and inviting.

My first encounter was with Mrs. Christy Vue Yang who performed my waxing and brow tinting. She instantly puts me at ease and discusses what is involved with the process and then after chatting we both realize what a small world it is because Christy played volleyball with my daughter in high school.

She did the most amazing job on my eyebrows.  Eyebrows frame your face and step up your face game tremendously . I was previously using a brow pencil and gel along with a fiber fill -in to achieve a good brow.

This tinting and waxing allows me to bypass three products. Yay! That is a worthy investment.

Trust me if you have not stepped up your brow game you are falling a bit behind.

My next appointment was with Miss Kabo herself. Her philosophy is all about the special customer experience.  Her goal is for her customers to really feel like they have received a comprehensive specialized service tailored to their needs. She really delivers, and I believe part of it is due to her prior experience taking care of patients in the medical field as a Certified Ophthalmic and Surgical Assistant.  She has a natural ability to put you instantly at ease.

and I believe this is one of her many traits that make this a magical experience.

In the world of massive employee turnover, we as consumers and customers need to feel grounded and cared for by someone who is going to be there and build trust for a long term client relationship.

When you enter her beautiful office space, Kabo’s warm voice immediately puts you at ease and makes you feel so comfortable. Believe me, I could have talked to her all day.. She is an expert at skincare and carries the most amazing lines of premium products. After discussing the best course of action and recommendations for my skin, Kabo directed me to her studio room where I enjoyed the most fabulous facial. The entire experience was exceptionally relaxing and comprehensive. My skin looks and feels amazing. Check out my before and after pictures to see the noticeable difference.