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Believe me I had plans. My good friend had been planning on a Roaring 20s party for six months in advance. Everyone was purchasing costumes mainly from Amazon.

My husband is in the beer Industry so He came home NYE exhausted. He asked if it was ok if we stayed in. I really was feeling about 50/50 either way. I Liked the idea of getting some good rest so we could workout the next day . Also one of my Dear friends had given me a bar cart as a Christmas present and we meaning He needed to put it together.

So, I have a table that had served as my wine, spirit bar in the kitchen, I ended up turning that into my coffee bar. The bar cart went in the sunroom.

I still have picture of two of the 20s Costumes and the quality from Amazon is really good. Also my bar cart and coffee bar are a work in progress. So I will also include the beginning of the look and stay tuned for future improvements.