Ok so my weight really got out of control around the holidays.

It is sort of like Imgot over my fat peak weight so I was really FAT.

I have managed to lose eight pounds and my cholesterol numbers are in a good

Range thanks to Zocor 20 and the weight loss.

But lately I have been feeling blue?

Is it hormones? Age? Fat cells crying?

I should be happy but I feel sad. I am headed to Zumba this 

Morning so maybe that will help.

It seems once we get to the age of 50, people die, friends get cancer and it just

Seems we are facing our mortality quicker . Also, on a side note our work lives 

Seem to be harder . Always trying to stay ahead of competition internally and externally.

That can be exhausting..mentally and physically.

I’m a trooper I always keep plugging alone but I really need to,win the lottery already

So I can slow down a bit and enjoy the scenery if you know what I mean.