Now that the kiddos have grown up. One over seas protecting the country the other a senior in college and chasing the mighty dollar.. She is actually Working on Thanksgiving!  We. The four that was available actually celebrated on a Tuesday .. Two days early at a steak house … I know! No turkey or dressing or cooking.. This is not because we can not cook. We have done turkey in brine and homemade cranberry sauce ( serious food network junkies ) in the past. Trust me my filet was perfect.. 

As the family dynamics changes.. So does tradition… And that goes for decorating as well. So away with the fresh $80.00 fraser fir  with all the traditional trimmings and welcome to my  twin artificial white christmas trees… I am embracing change with a new-decorative mind set…

I had no idea how I was going to decorate   them .. What color scheme?  So I did what any woman living in the 21st century would do and perused Pinterest!! 

I love the elegant look of silver and gold.. I used a combination of old ornaments that I actually had forgotten about ( middle age fog brain )… But let me tell you this! My old lights had green wire and that stuck   out like a sore thumb.. So off I go back to the nearest Hardware store to find  lights with a white wire!! Lessons learned.

Next tree took another 24 hours. Decisions , decisions! I decided to use what I had because most if the silver and gold ornaments were exhausted on the first tree. I used red and gold with a few personal ornaments thrown in…

Here is the second tree.  

 I used that fluffy snow stuff instead of expensive tree skirts..

Heres to celebrating the holidays in a new style! Have you changed your traditions?