There is something about growing older that causes me to take a look back and pause about the choices I have made. This week has been hard (actually last week) since this is Sunday. My work partner left and went to a competitor …it is a great move for him but a lot of work for me to do and so that is Life… 

For some reason in spite of being in the profession of sales and never meeting a stranger when I get home I remain very antisocial. It takes so much emotional energy to engage. I have very little true friends. The ugly truth is the people I do encounter= ( No real vibe/so not my tribe).  I find boring . :/.   

 Maybe I am the culprit? Have I become lazy? Does work drain me instead of energize?  Well I do not have to solve or act on this today. This is my Sunday Reflections. 

Photography credit: me

Location: Lake Hickory